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Every Contribution Counts

Whether you are looking for a place to be able to ride and train your horses or you are wanting to learn and help with the planning and execution of equine and rodeo events, apply for a DHOA membership to become part of the team and keep the western traditions alive!


Membership is subject to approval by the DHOA Board of Directors. The board reviews and votes on new membership applications monthly.  It is the DHOA’s mission to gather together owners and non-owners of horses throughout Northwest Washington. To promote and develop interest in general recreation that includes horsemanship and related activities. To build, construct and maintain multiple recreational facilities and promote good fellowship within the community. The DHOA strives to create a family friendly environment for people to learn and grow in the equine industry. The DHOA strives to find individuals and families that also strive to meet the expectations of the Associations mission. 

Active members are to attend the monthly DHOA meetings that take place the first Tuesday of each month and help with the planning of events and work parties. Active members are able to vote on decisions within the association and help bring new ideas to the club. Inactive members are not required to attend meetings or work parties unless wanting to and have the ability to use the arena when available. Inactive members cannot vote. 

Members (active or inactive) can use the arena for personal riding and training when no events are being held. Members can request booking on the venue rentals tab at the top of the page. Members are allowed to bring one non-member friend ONE time free of charge. All friends using the arena as non-members after that must pay the $10 arena fee. Non - Members must be with a member when using the arena. The arena is NOT open to general public.  Please contact us if you have questions on bringing guests to the arena to ride. 

Every year the DHOA hosts a year end Holiday party in the month of December to show appreciation towards all of our members and volunteers. 


Use the buttons below to submit a membership application. Your membership is subject to approval by the DHOA Board Of Directors. Approved membership applicants will be sent a "new membership" packet along with an invoice to pay membership dues. Once dues are paid the membership is considered active. Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Please e-mail any membership application questions to 


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